About Keri


“To study different religions need not imply infidelity to one’s own faith, but rather it may be enlarged by seeing how other people have sought for reality and have been enriched by their search.”
-Geoffrey Parinder

An interfaith minister acts as a voice of compassion and tolerance in a world dominated by a culture of fear. So often we fear that which we do not understand.By acting as a catalyst for discussion, exchange of ideas, and respectful debate, an interfaith minister encourages knowledge and tolerance. I am firmly rooted in my personal faith, but that will not prevent me from sitting in cooperation with those of other faith traditions. I am open
to new ideas of God and the Universe, but that will not diminish my own practice. This is the path of the interfaith minister. I choose to stand for a greater ideal of human interaction, for the hope of a future founded on respect, and for the beauty of the mosaic that is human experience.

Email me with your special ceremony needs. I am available for weddings in most states.


Keri Bas, Interfaith Minister