Four ministers in Austin

Four Ministers in Austin
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Mom and I drove up to Austin on Sunday to have lunch with some other TNS grads – that’s me, Annie, Nancy, and Aina. Annie was in town from New York to officiate a wedding, so Nancy coordinated this gathering.

It was a great time, and good food at Casa de Luz, and the drive was pretty nice, too. I didn’t start to drag unti we were close to Houston on the return trip.

One thought on “Four ministers in Austin”

  1. so great to see you in austin, keri!
    i loved hearing your stories–guess what? my DOCTOR WHO action figures arrived,
    woo hoo! šŸ˜‰
    ps did i tell you i’m reading philip pullman/his dark materials now?
    have a great week m’dear!
    xo, annie

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